Technology and innovation have been the forefront of our success at Kinon. Our Kinon laminates are created with unique technology advances in chemistry and mechanics. For the past 20 years our patented technologies have been the backbone of our ability to maintain unique products to service the entire globe. Our continued success exporting worldwide is a testament to our unique technologies and materials. We service the highest quality clientele like Chanel, Wynn, LVMH, Dior, and many more.
The Product

Kinon® is a proprietary crafted thermoset art sheet for luxury interior surfaces. Kinon is created as a composite with MDF or alone to be used as a surface material like veneer, laminate or tile.

Kinon® patterns are original artwork and are protected by Copyright©.

Various techniques are carefully used to create our different patterns. Therefore, like stone and wood, our sheets are strikingly similar but never exactly the same. A large panel will have numerous shades and tones, and the surface will have pattern specific textures and undulations and tiny pores.

All Kinon® product thicknesses vary from pattern to pattern and over a full panel of material. This is a handmade process.

All materials age and oxidize. Expect to receive lighter color material with all lighter color Kinon®product orders. The materials will age to the colors of the samples you have over time.

The Company

For the past 20 years we have engineered our patterns, colors and textures from raw ingredients and continue to develop our own machines, techniques and procedures for producing our materials in the USA. We develop and train our artisan craft-men with conscientious work practices within a meticulously organized factory, teaching and maintaining the needed level of organization and skills to produce the complex and varying patterns, colors and textures we create daily.

Our clientele includes Chanel, Four Seasons, Wynn and many iconic figures and corporations. Kinon® provides these art creations in sheets which are easy to fabricate into any number of wall, cabinetry, furniture and door applications in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, lobbies and any other luxury interior space.

Kinon® is developed and manufactured in the United States. 

Our distribution network and business practices enable us to seamlessly service an international clientele.

Please browse our website to learn more about how Kinon® applies to your design needs. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you to process your orders.

Kinon Surface Design Showroom:

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Phone: 561.600.2500