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All of our materials are artisan, hand-made, and manufactured in the USA.

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Sample information
Within our website we maintain a library of our historic collections as a reference for any project. We openly invite direct sample requests for each material in the collections, however, we do not readily have available all the materials for sampling. Furthermore, due to the handmade process, limited time and huge selection, Kinon creates samples based on a review with the Kinon sales representatives. Our standard policy upon a sample request is to send out samples of materials which we have readily available and are most recent to the color-ways and pattern types you have requested. To best assist us in your creative process it is best to provide us with proposed application and quantities. Please provide us with application reference descriptions like wall paneling, cabinetry, etc. We sell sheets with dimensions of 5ft x 12ft and 5ft x 10ft in both MDF and Double Cast variants. For sheets with dimensions larger than 5ft x 12ft please inquire with your sales representative.