• Kinon will cut cleanly with standard woodworking tools such as various types of saws including table saws, sliding table saws, miter saws and hand-held track saws.
  • Simply use laminate-grade blades.
  • Examples of equipment to use are shown below.
  • After cutting a wood substrate like MDF or Plywood surfaced with Kinon be certain you seal the exposed wood. If its an edge we recommend edge-banding with any standard edge-banding color and pattern to suit your design with a PUR adhesive or apply an epoxy sealer, clear or colored to suit. For larger surfaces laminate a desired laminate with a PUR adhesive or seal with an epoxy  clear or color to suit. Never leave exposed wood edges or surfaces unsealed on any project. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture conditions which will lead to a multitude of issues for all materials not just Kinon.

Cutting Kinon® with a Table Saw

Cutting Kinon® with a Track Saw

Cutting Kinon® with a Miter Saw

Cutting Kinon® with a Vertical Saw