Kinon Caring & Basic Maintenance

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  1. Store Kinon crate in a dry ambient environment no higher than 90°F. Do not store in a container that is not temperature controlled.
  2. Store Kinon panels on flat even surface of equal or greater dimension to itself. Our crates are designed and built for the proper storage, and are the best example to emulate if you need additional space for their storage.
  3. Do not put heavy or hot objects on top of Kinon surfaces.
  4. To best flatten any Kinon Ultra Cast surface bends from improper storage place Kinon on a flat even surface in direct sunlight at 60°F + for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not place anything on top of surface.
  5. Cut Kinon with laminate grade saw blades and router bits.
  6. Daily cleaning for grime and fingerprints spray with recommended Kinon cleaners and wipe with micro-fiber cloth.
  7. Standard Polishing(Factory Standard 2019): To remove light scratches polish at 1300rpm to 1500rpm with wool bonnet Farecla Select then Farecla Premium = standard factory finish. Repeat in sequence as needed.
  8. For deeper scratches sand with 3M Trizact foam 1000 + 3M Trizact Foam 3000 + Standard Polishing= standard factory finish.
  9. For deepest scratch removal possible without causing serious finish modifications and to remove router marks from trim router use 3M Trizact 1500 + 3M Trizact Foam 1000 + 3M Trizact Foam 3000 + Standard Polishing = Deepest level repair.
  10. To remove excess contact adhesive, protective film residue, stubborn grime, nail polish, or mark-er, wipe using microfiber cloth with acetone or Isopropyl with proper gloves, respirator and ventila-tion. Then follow points 6, 7 or 8 as necessary.


KFR0058 Kinon Daily Maintenance 
  1. For fingerprints residue or just dirt, use Microfiber cloth only. (Do not use standard Kinon Cleaner or any off the shelf cleaner, if you do, you will need to polish off the haze it leaves with the processes in point 2 then wipe with microfiber cloth). 
  2. For any light scratches or hard to clean residue it’s simple. For residue that a microfiber cloth won’t remove or any light scratches, use a 6” inch sander and a white foam pad. Add a dot of Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound for more polishing enhancement then wipe away residue with microfiber cloth. 
  3. For more difficult residue or scratches follow Farecla guidelines for speeds and use a wool bonnet. 
  4. Speak to Kinon representative with any further questions.