Sanding and Polishing

The pattern in Kinon® runs through the material and is repairable with simple sanding and polishing unlike common laminates.

  • There is no clear coat on standard Kinon® material; it is naturally high gloss. In order to repair any deep surface scratches, burns, scuffs or after applying any edging material, you may sand and polish Kinon® to return to its factory finish.
  • If using a dark color Kinon®, apply the appropriate Mohawk stain to color any compound that may settle in surface pores, grooves or gaps.
  • For any lighter surface scratches, you may just need polishing alone with Farecla Profile Liquid Compound.
  • We always recommend starting this process with polishing, then if needed, sand first, then polish with our Farecla Profile Liquid Compound and the G Mop High Cut Foam Pad.

Sanding Kinon®

Polishing Kinon®