Light Scratches Sanding and Polishing

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Light Scratches Sanding and polishing


The pattern in Kinon® runs through the material and is repairable with simple sanding and polishing unlike common laminates. There is no clear coat on standard Kinon® material; it is naturally high gloss. In order to repair any deep surface scratches, burns, scuffs or after applying any edging material, you may sand and polish Kinon® to return to its factory finish. If using a dark color Kinon®, apply the appropriate Mohawk stain to color any compound that may settle in surface pores, grooves or gaps. For any lighter surface scratches, you may just need polishing alone with MPA 5000. We always recommend starting this process with polishing, then if needed, sand first, then polish with our 3M-recommended compounds 36045 and MPA 5010.

See our “Sanding and Polishing” video:


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