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Did you know Kinon is Antimicrobial as well as Mold & Fungal resistant?

Molds, bacteria and germs can’t colonize and will not survive stagnant on your Kinon surfaces. Kinon is tested and proven to have antimicrobial and inherent disinfectant capabilities. Click here for the details.

Kinon brings elegance to Elevators / Hallways / Lift Lobbies

All of our Kinon surfaces are produced in sizes as large as 12 feet by 5 feet. There are several substrate options and all can be cut, shaped and are flexible enough to be used in almost any design. They can also be installed in wet environments such as showers and baths as well submerged.They are mold and mildew resistant, resist scratching and abrasions and are built to last.Order a sample box or speak to one of our helpful team members to explore all of the options available.

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