Placing an Order

Placing an Order is simple:

Pattern and color references of the material can be found in the following locations:

On the back side of each sample there is a label with the pattern codes and color codes. We recommend that you take a photo of the front and back of each sample for reference, so you may provide this to your sales representative.

You should have requested a spec sheet from your representative for your sample. Our panels are large format patterns and these spec sheets present you with the full format view of the pattern specified. The spec sheet also maintains proper pattern & color codes as well as other pertinent information for the specific material. The spec sheet is an essential part of the specification package for your project and your Kinon representative can provide this both digitally and in paper format.

Billing and Ship to Info:

Included in this information should be the billing & shipping address/ contacts / telephone numbers / emails that pertain to the order.

Quantities of sheets you need:

Standard size sheets are 5ft x12ft (1524mm x 3657mm). However, the quantity of sheets you buy could significantly affect the pricing you receive, so try to be as accurate possible. Final pricing will be based on the confirmed quantity of your order. Manufacturing costs change with quantities, larger quantities may be subject to significant cost benefits to you.


We do not need a dissertation on the client, we only want to know how you plan to use the material. Some of our patterns are lineal and are offered in horizontal and/or vertical directions, others are lineal but are only offered in one of these directions, this is noted on the spec sheet. To determine your yield you need to understand your pattern orientation.

Are you making cabinetry, furniture or wall panels? There are a myriad of applications so please be clear. How are you planning to install? Are you planning on using the material in wet areas or dry? Kinon is an incredibly versatile material and can be installed with various adhesives. For instance, in cabinetry and hanging panel systems you want to use either solvent based contact cement or PUR adhesive processes to attach Kinon like a laminate to a panel. If you are planning on using Kinon in a bathroom shower, or want to apply the material directly to sheet rock, you would apply it like a tile with mortar LFT blended with latex additive. We have sections of the website dedicated to explaining these methods in greater detail. Additionally, your Kinon representatives can assist you in choosing the best methods for your applications.

Lastly, we have provided an order form that can be clicked to from this page: Keep it simple and fill out all the information you can, don’t worry if the form isn’t complete. A Kinon representative will be in contact with you as long as you provide your contact information, so please make sure your contact information is correct.