3M–Double Sided Compounding Pad, 6 in


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4″ Loop Pile Wool Bonnet Cleaning Roller, Wool Bonnet & Farecla Advanced Plus Compound

Balanced for less fatigue | Quality to achieve the highest level gloss | 2 sided adding value for dual applications

The only Lambswool bonnet a real pro would use!

  • PROS: Wool compounding pads designed specifically for compounding Kinon surfaces as well as, paint, gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces.
  • REMOVE SCRATCHES AND OXIDATION: Use with rubbing compound to remove defects and heavy oxidation or simply achieve superb gloss when polishing your Kinon surfaces.
  • FAST AND SMOOTH: Features 100% premium wool, known for its fast, consistent cut
  • EASY TO USE: 3M Superbuff Adaptor allows for screw-on attachment to nearly any rotary buffer. Maintains the balance you want when working with high speed buffing wheels, unlike other attachment options.
  • PART OF A COMPLETE SYSTEM: Perfect for use with Farecla Profile Advanced Plus Liquid Compound PRA118