VC 151-Longlife, VEL, Sand Paper Multiple Grits


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We can custom cut this sandpaper to your size requirements so that it fits your equipment and application. Click here to request a fast quote.

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Only the “Best” most effective sandpaper. We offer standard size discs 5″ & 6″ as well as custom sizes.

Over the past 20 years we have used sandpapers from around the world. When we found VC 151 LongLife we knew we had to share it with our valued customers. Not only are we offering the standard discs 5″ and 6″ we are making custom sizes available. We buy in jumbo rolls and can convert for you exactly what you want.

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Velour-backed aluminum oxide abrasive paper with active additives in various grits 

Product Benefits

  • Low clogging with sanding dust due to open coating and additional coating with additives.
  • Longer tool life compared to conventional extraction methods.
  • Better surface quality: cooling flow of air over the whole surface of the disc reduces sanding temperature
  • Reduced problems with sanding dust on sanded surfaces


  • Grinding of aluminum components like attachments for car bodies, decorative strips, panels, motorbike tanks
  • Sanding of lacquered parts for wood, car, ships and planes
  • Sanding of glass fibre-reinforced plastic parts like: wind powerpropellers, yachts, motor boats, private planes and gliders, vehicle superstructures
  • Sanding of wooden parts mainly softwood
  • Metal |  Wood | Lacquer Composite