PUR Lamination Services

Single or double-sided PUR Lamination & Sanding Services

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PUR hot melt is a one component polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive. It is designed to give aggressive tack, with high green strength. The product cures through reaction with moisture to form a tough, strong and virtually thermoset polymer. PUR can be used to laminate HPL to wood panels and doors, as well as many other materials.


  • Virtually seamless visible glue line with no tacky edge.
  • Excellent balancing when adhering materials to front and back of core
  • Superior bond strength over contact adhesive and cold press adhesives
  • Superior water-resistant bond over contact cement and cold press glues
  • Excellent machinability
  • Laminations up to 61” x 145”
  • We provide fast, easy turn around


  • Max width 61”
  • Max length 145”
  • Min to Max thickness substrate (core) .25”(possibly .125”) to 3.5”
  • Lamination of single side or both sides
  • Suitable Materials: HPL laminates with Phenolic, wood veneers with phenolic, Foam boards, MDF (Except for Ultra-Lite or Medite FR), Particle board, plywood, Engineered lumber, Hardwoods. Please inquire about other substrates and materials to be laminated.


Pricing is for lamination services. Customer supplies materials to be laminated. We can source industry standard materials if needed at additional cost. Pricing does not include substrate, laminates, veneers, book-matching, taxes, or shipping. Pricing is listed for some possible options such as a Balancing Backer Material, Trimming, Protective Paper or Plastic and Skid Fee (not optional).

Standard Fees:

TiersSheet CountPricing
Tier 11 to 25 sheets$35 one side / (Optional) 2nd Side (Back) + $5
Tier 226 to 100 sheets$25 one side / (Optional) 2nd Side (Back) + $5
Tier 3101 + Sheets$15 one side / (Optional) 2nd Side (Back) + $5

Packaging Skid fee for sheets:

Sheets Count & DimensionsPackaging Skid fee / Pricing
1 to 35 sheets per unit 4ft x 8ft x ¾”$225 per Skid
1 to 25 sheets per unit 5ft x 12ft x ¾”$225 per Skid

Optional Balancing Backer Material (Color is Dark Brown):

Optional Balancing Backer Material (Color is Dark Brown)Pricing
Backer sheet 1 to 50 sheets GatorPLY 30105HP Backer 5ft x 12ft x .026”+ $18
Backer sheet 51+ sheets GatorPLY 30105HP Backer 5ft x 12ft x .026”+ $14
Backer sheet 1 to 50 sheets GatorPLY 30105HP Backer 4ft x 8ft x .026”+ $9
Backer sheet 51+ sheets GatorPLY 30105HP Backer 4ft x 8ft x .026”+ $8

Optional Packaging:

Optional PackagingPricing
Trim edges of laminated boards per sheet$5
Protective Kraft paper #60 weight (between sheets)$.25 per lineal ft
Protective Plastic film if material can bond to it$2.5 per lineal ft

Treatment Options:

Some materials are difficult to laminate and require specialized processing treatments. Our technical staff will work with you to analyze, test and determine the best solutions for those more difficult materials.

Pricing indicative of treatment needed.