PUR Lamination Services

Single or double-sided PUR Lamination & Sanding Services Right Here in Florida

Get your projects done faster, spend your time doing what you know best! Let us laminate your sheets all you have to do is cut, fabricate, and install.

Our Difference:

• Immediate pinch rolling at the time of lamination which creates stronger, more consistent bonds
• Immediate pinch rolling means higher Green Strength
• Larger finish sizes (5 foot x 11.75 feet)
• Fast turn around time, especially in our region
• Provides a moisture barrier superior to industry standards
• Long-lasting bond strength


Our whole process facilitate a consistent, even, striaghtline, and a flat visual on high gloss lamination.


Laminate styles and the technology used to make them continues to evolve. For the last 20 years Kinon has lead the way with innovation in designs, technology and manufacturing. As the popularity and use of these do-it-all materials continues to grow, Kinon is your partner in the specification and production of the environments only you can imagine.

Benefits of PUR Lamination

• Virtually seamless visible glue line with no tacky edge
• Excellent balancing when adhering materials to front and back of core
• Superior bond strength compared to contact adhesive and cold press adhesives
• Superior water-resistant bond compared to contact cement and cold press glues
• Excellent machinability
• Laminations slightly over 5 ft by 12 ft allowing for indusry material tolerances (61″ x 145″ / 1549.9mm x 3683mm)
• Manufactured to order in our Florida facility
• We provide fast, easy turn around domestically and internationally

Specifications for PUR Laminating

• Max width 61″ (over 5 feet) • Max length 145″
• Min to Max thickness substrate (core) .25″(possibly .125″) to 3.5″
• Lamination of single side or both sides Suitable Materials: HPL laminates with Phenolic, wood veneers with phenolic, foam boards, MDF (except for ultra-lite or Medite FR), particle board, plywood, engineered lumber, hardwoods.


Please inquire about other substrates and materials to be laminated

Why Kinon?

Technology and innovation have been the forefront of our success at Kinon. Our Kinon laminates are created with unique technology advances in chemistry and mechanics. For the past 20 years our patented technologies have been the backbone of our ability to maintain unique products to service the entire globe. Our continued success exporting worldwide is a testament to our unique technologies and materials. We service the highest quality clientele like Chanel, Wynn, LVMH, Dior, and many more.

Our experience and knowledge in the lamination world has enabled us to share some of those innovations today with other lamination and composite manufacturers by now offering our unique PUR lamination services to everyone! With our unique PUR lamination line we have simplified the over engineered systems of the machines of the past. We have created efficiencies that improve material indexing, as well as allow for quick, accurate dimensional changes. Even more our “point of contact” pinch rolling system provides a green strength unlike anything else on the market.

In our 20 years of experience at the front of the high end lamination world we know how important it is to have the right level of adhesion the first time, everytime! Before any production we do a thorough multi-level testing of all materials and substrates.

Our manufacturing is all done in the USA at our South Florida location making us ideal for tight lead-times and budgets in the Southeast. Even more our technology and consistent performance make us your first choice domestically and worldwide.

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