Resin Surface Furniture in Interior Design

While interior design relies on the cohesive union of multiple design elements, furniture is perhaps one of the most specific, yet versatile. Arguably the most interacted with part of a room, the furniture selected for a space immediately communicates the purpose of that room. Fortunately, there is one surface material that can send almost any message. Resin surfaces can serve a wide array of purposes while supporting a high quality and elegant design.

Kinon® resin surfaces can be used in the application of numerous furniture pieces for any space. Unique and striking angles for chairs can be achieved given that Kinon® can be fabricated into custom shapes and designs, depending on the look and feel of the room. Custom designer pieces stand out, marrying function and luxury to create furniture that ties the room together.

Create strong and unique accent or focal pieces using Kinon® resin surface material. Credenzas are the perfect example of form and function coming together to create a piece of furniture that is functional, yet sleek and beautiful. No matter what material you desire, be it wood or metal, Kinon® decorative surface material has the ability to adapt to any pattern and finish. Whether you are storing books, collectibles or even extra silverware inside or using it as a make-shift bar when hosting a party, the resin surface will be easy to clean, repair and maintain over time.

Designer furniture using Kinon® can come in all shapes and sizes. Eye-catching angles and lines can be fabricated with ease, either in the cut of the material or in the pattern on the surface. Chairs, bar stools and bases for couches and beds can all be unique and durable when made with Kinon®. Accent pieces such as coffee tables and end tables can support the centerpieces of the room, providing dynamic lines, textures and angles. The options of Kinon® applications in any space are innumerable.


The Benefits of Resin Furniture

Over the years, furniture has be made out of a wide variety of materials – from granite to a bag of beans. However to achieve a truly remarkable and durable piece of custom furniture, it is wise to consider resin surfaces. Here are some examples of why resin surfaces are perfect for furniture:


Kinon® and Furniture

Our talented craftsmen and artisans at Kinon® can take the vision you have for your interior design and fabricate the beautiful furniture. With state of the art CNC machines, panel saws and industrial tools, bringing a chair to life out of luxurious decorative resin surface material is now possible. From choosing the panel color and pattern to fabrication to delivery, each custom piece of furniture using resin surface material is treated with the utmost care and consideration. We build every piece to last, which ensures that your furniture will be efficient as well as elegant.