Shipping & Handling

Harmonized Codes for International Shipping


with MDF: 4410.11.0030

with Ultra Cast: 3904.30.2000





1. When picking up orders from our facility all 5′ X 12′ and smaller panel dimensions require a truck with a minimum 16′ closed cab and a standard dock height loading capability of 44″. Standard 5′ X 12′ and smaller panels are shipped in 154”X 68” crates with a maximum 21″ height. Weight will vary depending on the material and quantity of panels. Crate must ship flat, non stackable.

2. International shipments must use AIR FREIGHT METHODS ONLY, NEVER SHIP BY SEA.

3. Always ship, store and use Kinon in a temperature controlled environment so the material does not exceed temperatures below or above 50*F – 80*F (10*C – 26.6*C) and kept out of the elements. Excessive temperatures and extreme temperature changes will cause rapid aging and degradation of multiple facets of the material.

4. All materials age and oxidize. Fresh Kinon® will come lighter toned than the aged sample that you have. The materials will age to the colors of the samples you have overtime.

5. Kinon Ultra Cast is not structural and should be adhered to a suitable substrate.

6. Kinon panels are handmade and have multiple shade, texture and pattern variations. Expect small holes and/or pores on surface.

7. Do not apply any protective films outside of manufacturer’s recommendation. You will receive Double Cast with our protective film. After removing film, clean material with Meguiar’s Last Touch Spray Detailer D155 using a microfiber cloth. If there is residue from the film’s adhesive, polish with Farecla Premium liquid compound using a buffing machine at 1500 to 1800 rpm.

8. Do not mix and match different lot materials of any light and white colors (white, beige, gray, silver). Use material for the intended project to ensure that material will age at the same rate.

9. Ultra Cast, Mold and KCD Panels are not true 5ft x 12ft dimension. Actual usable size will be 58in x 143in (1473mm X 3632mm). Ultra Cast thickness is 2.5mm +/- .5mm. Mold & KCDs 3.5mm +/- .5mm. Get confirmation on thickness from your representative.

10. Store Kinon crate in a dry ambient environment no higher than 90°F. Do not store in a container that is not temperature controlled.

11. Store Kinon panels on flat even surface of equal or greater dimension to itself. Our crates are designed and built for the proper storage, and are the best example to emulate if you need additional space for their storage.

12. Do not put heavy or hot objects on top of Kinon surfaces.
To best flatten any Kinon Ultra Cast surface bends from improper storage place Kinon on a flat even surface in direct sunlight at 60°F + for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not place anything on top of surface.

13. Cut Kinon with laminate grade saw blades and router bits.

14. Daily cleaning for grime and fingerprints spray with recommended Kinon cleaners and wipe with micro-fiber cloth.

15. Standard Polishing (Factory Standard 2020): to remove light scratch polish at 1300 rpm to 1500 rpm with a wool bonnet using Farecla Select Compound followed by polishing with Advanced Plus to achieve factory level finish. Repeat sequence as needed.

16. For deeper scratches sand with 3M Trizact foam 1000 + 3M Trizact Foam 3000 + Standard Polishing= standard factory finish.

17. For deepest scratch removal possible without causing serious finish modifications and to remove router marks from trim router use 3M Trizact 1500 + 3M Trizact Foam 1000 + 3M Trizact Foam 3000 + Standard Polishing = Deepest level repair.

18. To remove excess contact adhesive, protective film residue, stubborn grime, nail polish, or mark-er, wipe using microfiber cloth with acetone or Isopropyl with proper gloves, respirator and ventila-tion. Then follow points 6, 7 or 8 as necessary.



Installer qualifications: The fabricator must demonstrate successful experience installing architectural woodwork, wall paneling or cabinet making depending on the nature of the project. A balancer may be required on the reverse side of the panels. As our material is prefinished, the installer is responsible for any and all touch up. The installer must review our touch up processes in the Technical section of our website. To obtain the most current list, contact Kinon® on Tel: +1.561.600.2500 or e-mail



Do not have the material delivered until painting, wet work, grinding, and similar operations that could damage, soil, or deteriorate material have been completed in installation. If material is stored prior to installation, store it flat with like-by-like panel sizes using the protective felt provided by Kinon®.

If the material is stored with various different sized pieces, it should be stored on its side with the MDF edge touching a cardboard surface with felt in between. Felt shall always cover the entire surface between panels and shall be one continuous piece of felt as provided by Kinon®.

Should a smaller piece of Kinon material be stored alongside a larger sized piece, it should be leaning on the concealed side of the material. Again, cardboard must be used beneath the edge of the entire bottom surface, and the felt provided in the initial delivery should be used. Should the felt be soiled, additional felt may be purchased from Kinon. Tel: +1.561.600.2500 located at: 2700 Quantum Blvd Boynton Beach, FL 33426 U.S.A. The storage area should not exceed the temperature of 80 degrees F.



Do not deliver or install material until the building is enclosed, wet work is complete and HVAC system is operating. Building should maintain temperature and relative humidity at occupancy levels during the remainder of the construction period.

Do not install until normal lighting conditions exist. Normal lighting conditions are described as those in place when the project is finished.

Walls, ceilings, floors and openings must be level, plumb, straight, in-line and square before installation.

Do not expose materials in continuous direct sunlight, nor in extremes temperature and humidity. Material shall be conditioned in the environment in which it will be installed for a minimum of 72 hours prior to installation.

The recommended environment is 65 – 78 degrees F (18 – 25 degrees C) and <45% relative humidity.

Kinon address:

Kinon Surface Design

2700 Quantum Blvd.

Boynton Beach FL, 33426