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    The surface is designed so most surface scratches can be repaired with simple sanding and polishing unlike common laminates.
    • There is no clear coat on standard Kinon® material. Kinon is a thin solid surface laminate. It’s naturally high gloss. After fabrication with Kinon sheets you will likely need to make some sanding and polishing repairs. This process is not difficult and requires some basic tools, a 5″ or 6″ inch random orbital sander and a high-speed car polisher. In the videos below you will see the simple tools and process performed. Surface scratches, burns, scuffs or any router marks made during edging applications are very common and simple to repair with the process described and demonstrated.
    • For any lighter surface scratches, you may just need polishing with the high speed polisher and lambs wool bonnet alone using Farecla Advanced Plus Liquid Compound.
    • Standard Polishing (Factory Standard 2020): to remove light scratch polish at 1300 rpm to 1500 rpm with a wool bonnet using with Farecla Advanced Plus Liquid Compound. Repeat sequence as needed.
    • For deeper scratches sand with random orbital sander, 3M Trizact foam 1000 & water (never use dry with this pad) then follow Standard Polishing listed above with Farecla Advanced Plus Liquid Compound. Repeat sequence as needed to achieve desired finish.
    • For deeper scratch removal, without causing serious finish modifications, sand with random orbital sander. Use 1000 grit sandpaper, then 3M Trizact Foam 1000 with water, then follow high speed polishing listed above with Farecla Advanced Plus Liquid Compound. Repeat as desired.
    • Sanding and Polishing should be done after Kinon UltraCast Laminate is adhered to substrate.
    • To remove excess contact adhesive, protective film residue, stubborn grime, nail polish, or marker, wipe using microfiber cloth with acetone or Isopropyl alcohol with proper gloves, respirator and ventilation. Then follow procedures above as necessary.
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    Polishing Kinon metal panel with a soft foam pad and a random orbital sander from Kinon Surface Design on Vimeo.

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