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  • Apply to Sheetrock or Backer-board by adhering using LFT Thin-set mortar w/ Latex additive

    • Easy installation for an experienced fabricator.
    • Onsite installation and cutting.
    • Can be applied for wet areas when applied to Backer Board.
    • No added costly layers. Go directly to your Sheetrock or backer board.
    • Flexible for moderately curved applications.
    Dry Area & Wet Area Kinon application for Sheetrock & Backer Board
    1. When ordering your Kinon ensure you notify your kinon representative that you are intending to adhere your kinon with thin-set. At kinon we apply a special bonding layer to the back of the Kinon Ultra Cast material for this purpose. Your estimate and invoice will have reference to this bonding layer if you have it on your material. If you do not have the reference of the bonding layer do not attempt to adhere with thin-set!
    2. Apply your drywall or backer boards per standard manufacturer guidelines. Make certain the surface is flat and your corners are square without excessive voids or oddities.
    3. Cut Kinon using laminate grade saw blades and router bits too desired shapes and dimensions.
    4.  Cut and store Kinon on flat clean surfaces free of debris.
    5. Wipe clean the back of your Kinon surface prior to adhering with isopropyl alcohol (>70%) or acetone, allow to evaporate. use proper safety measures for handling these cleaners.
    6. Mix thin-set mortar with Latex bonding agent to desired consistency for troweling. Material should not be dripping. NEVER USE WATER IN THIS MIXTURE!
    7. Apply Thin-set Mortar to sheetrock or drywall using a notch trowel. Most applications will utilize a 1/4 V notch, however use your discretion depending on the area of application.
    8. Make certain that you press your Kinon thoroughly with an appropriate heavy-duty extendable roller as shown in the video. This type of roller can be purchased from our website or in any large construction box store. Tape your joints together as needed to aid in leveling transitions. Use non aggressive painter’s tape.
    9. In wet areas you must apply silicone sealant at the joints. Choose your own appropriate color. Prior to applying wait 7 days after adhering the panel as the mortar needs to breathe to dry completely.
    10. Before applying Thin-set Mortar insure that you read the manufacturer recommendations for proper environment conditions and application. In any questionable environment apply a test section in the space that is being applied.
    11. Use termination details as you desire. Schulters are a great option.
    12. Please watch video to see installation steps as described. Additional videos demonstrate the incredible bond strength of thin-set mortar with Kinon, as well as polishing and cleaning for simple maintenance of your Kinon surfaces.

    *For further questions please call your Kinon Sales Representative

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