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A unique combination of science, art, and innovation

What Is Kinon?

Our product, known only as Kinon, is a simple concept brought to life by perfect union of efficiency and artistry. At it’s core, it is a hand cast resin panel composite. Using a base material, known as a substrate, we apply Kinon, along with decorative materials, to create breathtaking and wholly unique surfaces for floor, wall panels, furniture, and more.

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State Of The Art Technology & Design

With a sweeping portfolio and a unique blend of art, technology, and innovation, we can provide you with top quality surfaces that add style and substance to every room.

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Uniquely crafted for each client
Kinon Team

Kinon: The Ultimate Choice for all Your Wall Panel Needs

Uniquely crafted for each client
Decorative Surface Materials

Interior design has made quantum leaps in recent memory. What used to be bland and single color walls, floors, and furniture, are now endlessly unique and complex. It all comes down to innovation in the realm of decorative surface materials.

Resin Wall Panels

When we think of resin, most of us will probably think of the kind secreted by plants and trees. Throughout history, this compound has been used in various forms to preserve and protect artistic endeavors, in addition to a number of other purposes.

Resin Surfaces

There’s something undeniably alluring about a countertop, an interior door or wall, anything that shines and pops with a unique pattern and design. We associate a glossy sheen with things that are clean, attractive, and beautiful.


Durable and Long-Lasting Design

Chemically Resistant

Hand-Crafted Resin Surfaces

A room is nothing but four walls. When decorations go up, furniture is placed, and the pieces of come together, that is when it becomes something more. Enter Kinon, a hand cast resin panel composite that is used to add a unique and undeniably luxurious flare to any interior design. With a variety of decorative effects and several composite substrate options, Kinon can bring any room to life.

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