Edge-banding Kinon strips with PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

  1. Buy your Kinon UltraCast with Inter-coat in sheets 5ft x 12ft for your edge banding strips of Kinon. 
  2. Then Cut strips of Kinon slightly oversized to feed easily through your edge-bander. 
  3. Set your trimmers for desired profiles. We typically do straight and round over.
  4. Wet sand then polish your dulled edges for your gloss finish or sand and spray your desired varnish matte or satin finish.


PUR Hot Melt Adhesive


Kinon will adhere with many PUR hot melt adhesives. So, you can easily laminate your Kinon® UltraCast to wood substrates to create panels and doors using PUR lamination equipment such as a PUR edge-bander or lamination line. Contact your representative for recommended brands and products, or test the one you use to ensure you have your desired adhesion level.

What is PUR?

PUR hot melt is a one component polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive. It is designed to give aggressive tack, with high green strength. The product cures through reaction with moisture to form a tough, strong and virtually thermoset polymer. PUR can be used to laminate Kinon to wood panels and doors.

Contact us and someone from our experienced staff can assist you.

Sanding & Polishing Kinon Doors & Panels

Edgebanding and polishing Kinon fabricated doors, drawers, and panels