Varnish Finish Matte or Satin. Here is How To Do It Yourself:

Kinon sheets are not a finished product. Samples provided with matte or satin varnishfinish are visual examples. All materialsold in sheets are sold with a sealer coat and clients are expected to have their fabrication companies apply the varnish finish of their choice after they do their own fabrication.

Kinon is a naturally glossy surface. To achieve alternate sheen finishes or to protect metal surfaced kinon from patina simply apply a Post Catalyzed Varnish. Post Catalyzed varnishes will provide matte, satin or semigloss. 

Simply sand then spray apply a Post Catalyzed Varnish. This section provides you with the basic principles for applying However. if you are experienced with applying Post Cat Varnish and urethanes on wood or metals, this is going to be redundant information.