Lamination Services | PUR Adhered

We offer structural Panels to 3/4″ MDF with a HPL Formica Backer. Ready to be cut with a saw or router. Get your projects done faster, spend your time doing what you know best. Let us laminate your sheets to 3/4 MDF with a formica backer. All you have to do is cut to size, edge-band and install. 

We laminate to MDF substrates 3/4″ thickness 5ft x 12ft.

MDF Grades

  • Standard Grade
  • Fire Rated FSC Certtified

Side “A” we surface with the Kinon you specify.

Side “B” we offer the following HPL Laminates:

Standard Grade Formica HPL Laminate:

  • Graphite 837-58
  • Pumice 858-58 
  • Sarunn Grey 2770-58 
  • Otter 3202-58 
  • Bright White 459-58
  • Graytone 464-58 
  • New Burgundy 7966-58 
  • Night Shade 8243-58 
  • Mojave 8751-58 
  • Winter Sky 8792-58 
  • Green Slate 8793-58 
  • Platinum 902-58 
  • Black 909-58 
  • Storm 912-58 
  • Folkstone 927-58 
  • Mission White 933-58 
  • Maiselkm 928-58 
  • Nocturne 5323-58 
  • Night Forest 8244-58 
  •  Green Slate Monolith 8793-ML
  • Special Requests may be available

Our Difference:

  • Immediate pinch rolling at the time of lamination which creates stronger, more consistent bonds higher Green Strength.
  • Provides a moisture barrier superior to industry standards
  • Long-lasting bond strength
Our whole process facilitates a consistent adhesion significantly reducing reading the glue surface. See only the textures of the Kinon sheets and laminates as they are intended.


Laminate styles and the technology used to make them continues to evolve. For the last 20 years Kinon has lead the way with innovation in designs, technology and manufacturing. As the popularity and use of these do-it-all materials continues to grow, Kinon is your partner in the specification and production of the environments only you can imagine.

Benefits of PUR Lamination

  • Virtually seamless no tacky edge.
  • Excellent balancing when adhering materials to front and back of core
  • Superior bond strength compared to contact adhesive and cold press adhesives
  • Superior water-resistant bond compared to contact cement and cold press glues
  • Excellent machinability
  • Laminations slightly over
  • 5 ft x 12 ft allowing for industry material tolerances (59.5 x 145 / 1549.9mm x 3683mm)
  • Manufactured to order in our Florida facility. We ship domestic and Internationally