Daily Cleaner for Gloss Surfaces, 1 Gallon

To maintain a brilliant finish, we recommend using the Kinon Gloss Cleaner. Kinon Gloss Cleaner is specially formulated to keep Kinon surfaces looking like new. Easily applied with a microfiber cloth. Spray on to the surface, polish and clean, to achieve the optimum desired appearance.

  • Maintain shine
  • Transparent protective polymers
  • Add durable protection

Designed to remove fingerprints, dust, grime and debris while delivering a high gloss shine.

Kinon engineered technology that creates the perfect finish.

Application Instructions:

  • Lightly mist over Kinon surface.
  • In direct sunlight spray on cloth prior to application.
  • Buff on to remove dirt and imperfections.
  • Dry to a perfect sheen.

Cleaning Kinon with Kinon Gloss Cleaner

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