Isaac TV wall unit #02

Custom TV Kinon paneling, shelving, lighting, and cabinetry system on wall. Produced to order. To begin the process of having Kinon design and build a custom wall and cabinetry application for you, click here to schedule a design, build & cost consultation.

Kinon Materials on wall paneling:


Pricing: Starting at $80,730.00

Upgrades/ Additional Services:

  • LED Lighting
  • Specialty interior hardware
  • Specialty handles and pulls
  • Alternate materials
  • Significant increases in size or additional cabinetry or shelving modifications
  • Long distance travel, shipping, & installation
  • Physical installation obstructions requiring varying sizes or specialty equipment such as cranes to be able to install items

Services rendered by others and by general contractors not included:

  • General contractor license required items such as plumbing, electrical, framing
  • Audio & video components such as tv, tv brackets, Wi-Fi, cameras, & associated


Individual Furniture items shown within the setting: 


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