Farecla Profile Advanced Plus Liquid Compound PRA118, 1 Gallon

  • Reduced Sanding works exceptionally well after used with Foam blemishing discs 1000 grit and/or 3000 grit.
  • High Gloss Result Gives the highest level shine finish with exceptional depth and clarity.
  • New Technology Latest generation abrasive technology provides visibly faster cut than competitors, and the product develops a transparent film that gives the user the control of seeing the abrasive paper marks disappearing
  • Paint shop Friendly Product contains no silicones
  • Permanent Profile Advanced Plus contains no fillers, so gives permanent results, maintaining customer satisfaction and avoiding costly reworks

Offering the highest level of cut and gloss on Kinon surfaces and wood lacquers Profile Advanced Plus commands a higher price than other Profile compounds but is less likely than others to require a second finishing step a much appreciated time-saving in high volume operations.

Used on Kinon surfaces, urethanes, lacquers, gel coats, polyesters and many other fine gloss finishes with lambs wool bonnets and G-Mop pads. Items sold separately.

4″ Loop Pile Wool Bonnet Cleaning Roller, Wool Bonnet & Farecla Advanced Plus Compound
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