Kinon® is a proprietary crafted art sheet for luxury surfaces. Some of our patterns are lineal and are offered in horizontal and/or vertical directions, others are lineal but are only offered in one of these directions, review with your representative when determining what you need to order for your application. 

To determine the number of sheets you need it is important to understand the Kinon® pattern orientation. Are you making cabinetry, furniture, or wall panels? There are a myriad of applications so review your applications with your representative.

How are you planning to install? 

Are you planning on using the material in wet or dry areas? 

Kinon® is an incredibly versatile material and can be installed with various techniques with MDF Kinon® composite sheets, which can be installed as wall paneling with clip systems and fasteners as well as hinged for cabinet doors and drawers. 

Kinon® UltraCast™ is our thin Kinon sheet that can be adhered like a laminate with contact cement, PUR laminations, and composite adhesives. In addition, it can be cut easily into strips with all types of saws to go through an industrial edgebander using PUR adhesive. When using it with an PUR edgebander let us know this is the intended use and we can apply an Intercoat tie coat which will increase your bond.

Kinon® UltraCast™ can even be used like a tile in wet areas for showers or dry with LFT Mortar blended with latex additive. Notify us that you are using Kinon® for this purpose. It is required for this application to apply an intercoat tie coat to the back of the Kinon® surface.

We have sections of the website dedicated to explaining these methods in greater detail. Additionally, your Kinon® representatives can assist you in choosing the best methods for your applications.

Due to the handmade process of Kinon® and the infinite number of color and pattern combinations, we maintain a limited inventory of samples. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information regarding this sample availability and pricing for color customizations.

Kinon® patterns are original artwork and are protected by Copyright©.

All materials age and oxidize. Expect to receive lighter color material with all lighter color Kinon® product orders. The materials will age to the colors of the samples you have over time.