Technical Data


SUBSTRATE DIMENSION THICKNESS PRODUCT WEIGHT USES UltraCast™ Laminate 59″ x 144″ / 1511.3 mm x 3657.6 mm 0.098″ / 2.5mm (+/- 0.5mm) 0.70 lbs weight

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Product Description

Kinon® is a handmade artisan thermo-set sheet. Various techniques are carefully used to create our artistic patterns. Therefore like stone and wood, panels will be

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Kinon® is a proprietary crafted art sheet for luxury surfaces. Some of our patterns are lineal and are offered in horizontal and/or vertical directions, others

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Shipping and Handling

Harmonized Codes for International Shipping with MDF: 4410.11.0030with UltraCast: 3904.30.2000 BASIC HANDLING 1. Store Kinon panels on flat even surfaces of equal or greater dimension

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Kinon SDS

Kinon Material SDS Kinon Sanitizer Antimicrobial Cleaning Solution SDS Kinon Cleaner SDS Kinon Hand Sanitizer SDS

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